March 14, 2018

Legion Bowl

Open at 3pm (MON-FRI) 2pm (SAT&SUN)

Legion Bowl and Billards If you are looking for something different and fun to do this evening, bring the whole family down for some classic duckpin bowling! Our affordable prices and great atmosphere are perfect for you and your family and there is something for everyone here! Bowling leagues are available if you want a little friendly competition and our lanes are open all week for some good old fashioned classic family fun on the lanes!

If you have a corporate event or business function coming up and need an affordable and fun venue, give us a call! Our location is perfect for any event that your company may have coming up and we are happy to help you plan the best event that you can, that is sure to please your guests and fit your budget! Don’t hesitate and give us a call today for more information regarding corporate event planning.

Open at 3pm (MON-FRI) 2pm (SAT&SUN)

Rock and Bowl is perfect for children’s birthday parties

A bowling party is perfect for a special event or children’s birthday party and we are happy to have your entire group! Call ahead to ensure availability and let us help you have the best party of the year for your loved one or special event! Our Rock and Bowl parties are on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30 PM to Midnight and they cost $11.00 per person (included in that price is the lanes, shoes and the party area for your group).

Affordable prices on duckpin bowling. Weekday rates (Monday through Friday) include 90 minutes of bowling and billiards with bowling shoes included for $15 per person!

Special Rates:

  • 90 Minutes of Bowling/Billiards
  • Bowling Shoes Included
  • NEW $15.00 per person